PhD Vacancy Labour Markets Social Policy at Lueven University

Call for Applications: PhD-position “Comparative European Labour Markets and Social Policy Research” at KU Leuven, Belgium

Deadline: 17 January 2016

The project addresses two main research questions:

1) what are the social divides in working conditions and job quality in European labour markets, and how have they developed in the past two decades?

2) what is the effect on these divides of macro-level, contextual variants of labour market policy, industrial relations and welfare institutions?

The project analyses micro-data from various comparative European surveys and combines them with macro-level data on labour market policy, industrial relations and welfare.

The project is supervised by

Prof Valeria Pulignano ( and

Prof Wim van Oorschot (

at the Centre for Sociological Research of KU Leuven.

More information can be obtained from them, as well as from the webpage.


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