ESPANET 2016 Conference Call for abstracts

The ESPANET 2016 Conference:  Re-inventing the welfare state? Pathways to sustainability, equality and inclusion in European welfare states. 1 -3 September 2016 in Rotterdam 

A wide range of topics are covered in the 24 streams being hosted. The deadline for abstract submission is 18 March 2016 

Abstracts should include:

  1. A summary of the paper´s theme and of how the topic will be handled (max 300 words)

  2. Full contact details of the author(s): name(s), affiliation, postal address, phone number and e-mail address.

Authors are invited to submit their abstracts using the upload tool  and submit it to a specific stream. Here is a link the stream themes page.

The Local Organizing Committee will send out information about the acceptance of paper proposals by mid-April 2016.

For all inquiries concerning the ESPAnet Conference 2016, please contact

Important dates:

  • Deadline for abstract submission: 18 March 2016

  • Notification of acceptance: Mid-April 2016

  • Deadline for registration: 15 July 2016

  • Full papers are due by: 26 August 2016

  • Conference: 1-3 September 2016

The Conference streams are:


  1. The Crisis of the European Middle Class between Rising Inequalities and Spreading Insecurity: Empirical Evidence and Challenges for Welfare Policy Stream convenors: Jason Beckfield and Costanzo Ranci
  2. Comparative Methodology: the Potential Outcomes Framework in Social Policy Analysis Stream convenors: Thomas Biegert and Elias Naumann
  3. Advances in Active Labour Market Policy Research Stream convenors: Giuliano Bonoli and Flavia Fossati
  4. Making Work Pay: Interrogating a New Welfare State Function Stream convenors: Jochen Clasen and Daniel Clegg
  5. Public Attitudes towards the Welfare State in Europe: Reinventing or Reclaiming? Stream convenors: Valerie Egdell, Vanesa Fuertes and Helen Graham
  6. The Uses of Social Investments and its Critics Stream convenors: Anton Hemerijck and Menno Soentken
  7. Long-term Care, Employment and the Welfare State Stream convenors: Katrin Hohmeyer and Eva Kopf
  8. Relating Social Policy and Social Work Stream convenors: Ute Klammer, Simone Leiber and Sigrid Leitner
  9. Social Innovation and Self-organization in Social Policy Stream convenors: Trudie Knijn and Marit Hopman
  10. Migration and the Welfare State: Challenges for Social Cohesion Stream convenors: Kristian Kongshoj and Troels Fage Hedegaard
  11. Pension Systems, Old-age Security and Employment Patterns – re-defining a Conjunction Stream convenors: Susan Kuivalainen and Kati Kuitto
  12. Libertarian Paternalism: a lead for the re-invention of the Welfare State Stream convenors: Christine Lagoutte and Anne Reimat
  13. Who Benefits most from Family Policies? Stream convenors: Lancker, Wim van Lancker and Rense Nieuwenhuis
  14. The Basic Income Imperative: Rethinking Sustainability, Equality and Inclusion in the Light of Social Innovation Across Europe Stream convenors: Bettina Leibetseder and Jurgen de Wispelaere
  15. Fiscal and Occupational Welfare in Europe Stream convenors: Nathalie Morel and Emmanuele Pavolini
  16. Young People, Welfare Systems and Labour Markets in Crisis: Continuity or Change Stream convenors: Jacqueline O’Reilly, Margherita Bussi and Janine Leschke
  17. New Challenges to the Comparative Analysis of Care Policies – do we need New Concepts, Typologies and Methods? Stream convenors: Birgit Pfau-Effinger and Tine Rostgaard
  18. The Travelling and Translation of Ideas: a Cross-National and Sectorial Approach Stream convenors: Romulo Pinheiro and Karsten Vrangbaek
  19. Health and Health Inequalities: the Role of Welfare State Change Stream convenors: Nadine Reibling, Sigrun Olafsdottir, Claus Wendt and Kenneth Nelson
  20. Innovative Methods and Attitudes to the Future of the Welfare State Stream convenors: Peter Taylor-Gooby and Heejung Chung
  21. Housing and the Welfare State after the Global Financial Crisis Stream convenors: Romana Xerez and Peter Kemp
  22. Reinventing the welfare state: comparing and explaining reform pathways Stream convenors: Ludo Struyven and Romke van der Veen
  23. Social Investment Strategies and Risks over the Life-course Stream Convenors: Merle Zwiers and Ferry Koster
  24. The Refugee Crisis Stream Convenors: Arne Backer Groenningsaeter, Jon Rogstad and Regine Paul