Call for papers – 11th ESPAnet Italy Conference, 13-15 September 2018 in Florence

The conference “Beyond Continuity. Challenges to Welfare in a Globalized World” invites abstracts in English and Italian. 6 panels will be in English.  Deadline abstract submission: 30 March 2018

There is a total of 28 panels, the following will be in English:

• Panel 1: Social investment in different socio-economic contexts: what preconditions? What impacts? (Chairs: Y. Kazepov and C. Ranci).

• Panel 8: The rise of radical and populist parties between social needs and policies. Opportunities and challenges to European Welfare States (Chairs: E. Pavolini and M. Natili).

• Panel 15: Beyond continuity, still a “Southern model” of welfare? State, market, family, political economy (Chairs: M. Jessoula and M. Guillén).

• Panel 16: Social protection in the EU: could one speak of a “return of nations”? (Chair: J.C Barbier).

• Panel 22: Social workers affecting social policies in times of permanent austerity. Challenges for theory, practice, and education (Chairs: R. Guidi and A. Campanini)

• Panel 24: Trends in socio-economic inequalities in Europe (Chairs: P. Brunori and M. Triventi).

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The conference will be hosted by the University of Florence, at the “Polo delle Scienze Sociali”.

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