International Minor: Social Policies in Contemporary Europe, Utrecht University 2019

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Utrecht University offers an international minor in Social Policies in Contemporary Europe: New inequalities and risks (SPiCE).

This minor is particularly appealing for all Interdisciplinary Social Science students – both Dutch and international – with an interest in social policy, social inequality or social risks.

(A Minor consist of a coherent package of at least four subjects dealing with a specific topic.)

Courses are held February- June 2019. Deadline for applications is 15 November 2018.

To fulfil the SPiCE minor requirements, students must successfully complete four courses.

  1. Individualisation and Social Policy: Norms, objectives and practices;
  2. Multicultural Society;
  3. Health in Society;
  4. Solidarity and Social Justice: Social Policy Responses to Social Problems.


Entrance requirements:

English language proficiency. Basic knowledge of the social and behavioural sciences (1-2 years of previous coursework). In particular, it can be useful to have some knowledge of social and behavioural sciences in relation to behaviour, social processes and their relation with health (prerequisite knowledge Health in Society).

Application and enrollment:

To apply for the SPiCE minor, students are required to submit a motivational letter. Only those students accepted for the minor will then be allowed to enroll. In your letter, please explain why you are interested in the minor and how your academic background makes you a suitable candidate.

Students from Utrecht University and other Universities must submit their letter of motivation to the coordinator of the minor, Dr. Mara A. Yerkes:

Exchange students from partner universities can submit their application and letter of motivation to the International Office:

Deadline for submission: 15 November 2018.

More information on the website:

or you can contact the coordinator of the minor Dr. Mara A. Yerkes: