Call for proposals: Special Issue of Journal of European Social Policy in 2020.

The editors of the Journal of European Social Policy (JESP) invite teams interested in a special issue (to be published in 2020) to prepare a proposal for submission by 15th November 2018.

Please send a proposal of no more than 1400 words (via email to           The proposals will be judged according to the following criteria:  

  • The proposals should describe the scope of the proposed theme;                                 teams should justify the dedication of a special issue to this theme and explain its topicality. They should also demonstrate coherence between the papers of the special issue.

  • It should include brief abstracts of all proposed papers, making clear their question and method.

  • The selection panel will check that papers are beyond the stage of first ideas;               it is paramount for a successful proposal that the commitment of authors appears realistic and the potential to meet deadlines is high.

  • Potential guest editors should highlight any editorial experience they already have.

  • The proposal must contain an overview of the timetable.

The editorial board of the journal will decide by 15 December 2018 which, if any, of the proposals should be accepted. The final version of papers included in the special issue, to be published in 2020, will have to be submitted no later than 31 May 2019.  

The person/s who submit a successful proposal will act as guest editor/s for the special issue. They liaise with the authors and the JESP editors. Guest editors will ensure that papers are of high quality, that the issue contains a strong and coherent collection of papers, that they are submitted on time and that appropriate revisions are carried out. The refereeing process remains in the hands of the JESP editors and of one member of the JESP editorial board. They will submit the papers for peer-review and ensure that the overall collection and the individual papers meet the normal quality standards of the journal. Papers falling short will not be published.

Proposals and any questions in advance should be sent electronically to the Editorial Office of JESP University of Tübingen (