Call for Stream Proposals -ESPAnet 2020 Conference 2-4 September 2020 in Leuven Belgium

Invitation to submit stream proposals for the ESPAnet 2020 Conference:                                                                                  “Up for the Future?                                                                              Social policies in challenged societies”

Deadline for the call was 1 December 2019

The organising committee of the ESPAnet 2020 Conference invites proposals for conference streams.  The Conference offers social policy scholars the opportunity to present and discuss research on the future of social policies in challenged societies.

Before submitting a proposal, please read the following information very carefully.



For inspiration, a list of suggestions for stream themes is provided below. Proposals for stream themes may of course differ from these suggestions. Generally, we welcome streams that incorporate a gender and diversity perspective.

Additionally, we particularly invite stream proposals on the topics that are central to the two keynotes speeches of the ESPAnet 2020 conference:

The Automaton The application of Big Data, AI, algorithms and Automatic Decision Making (ADM) in social policy administration

Nature’s Conditions Social policy in relation to climate change and energy transition

Responsibilities of stream convenors

  • Stream convenors are responsible for one or more paper sessions organised within a particular stream.
  • Stream convenors are responsible for evaluating all abstracts submitted to their stream and to select and prioritize them for inclusion in their session(s).
  • The number of sessions and accepted abstracts per stream is decided by the local organising committee.
  • In the run-up to the conference, stream convenors will work together with the local organisers to ensure deadlines for paper submissions are met.
  • Stream convenors are responsible for chairing their sessions at the conference.
  • Stream convenors are not allowed to present a paper in their own stream, not even as a co-author.
  • Stream convenors are not allowed to restrict their streams to papers from their own projects or networks.

Suggestions for stream themes (all in relation to social policy)

  1. Climate change
  2. Energy transition
  3. Automatic Decision Making (big data, algorithms)
  4. Digitization of work
  5. Diversity (gender, ethnic,…)
  6. Labour market developments
  7. Old age
  8. Unemployment
  9. Work-Care reconciliation
  10. Sickness and disability
  11. Care
  12. Activation, work-reinsertion
  13. Income protection
  14. Family
  15. Housing
  16. Education
  17. Health
  18. Social investment
  19. Social administration
  20. Regional/local social policy
  21. European social policy
  22. Welfare states around the globe
  23. Cultural and social values
  24. Welfare attitudes
  25. Methodologies for (comparative) social policy analysis
  26. Open stream(s)



Stream proposals can be submited as Word or PDF document. They should not exceed one page and need to include:

  1. A stream title with an indication to which stream theme they relate (see above) or whether a stream theme is proposed that differs from the list above.
  2. A short description of the stream theme, including a description of the topics and/or types of papers that are expected (max 300 words).
  3. Full contact details of the stream convenor/s (with a maximum of three convenors per stream): Name/s, affiliation, postal address, phone number, e-mail. If possible, please indicate a main contact person.


Proposal submission:

To submit our proposal use the link below:


You are kindly invited to submit a stream proposal until 1 December 2019

Acceptance of proposals: The local organising committee will send out information about accepted proposals by 27 January 2020.

We look forward to receiving many exciting stream proposals for next year’s ESPAnet conference,


Yours sincerely,The Organising Committee

the Organising Committee’s email:

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