ESPAnet 2020 Online PhD seminars

Following the cancellation announcement of the ESPAnet 2020 conference in Leuven, the ESPAnet board has decided to support PhD students in this critical time by offering a series of online seminars. The goal is for PhD students to have the opportunity to share their research findings, and receive feedback from senior scholars. 

We ask all interested PhD students to submit their abstract using the registration form below – this also includes those PhD students who had already submitted their abstract to the ESPAnet annual conference in Leuven. The deadline to submit an abstract for the online seminars is May 4th, 2020. PhD students whose abstracts are accepted by stream conveners will be expected to submit a full paper, and only those who submit a full paper will be able to participate in the online seminars. Full papers are expected by the end of July 2020.   

In organizing the online seminars, the stream conveners have been recommended to stay with the original dates for the ESPAnet conference in Leuven (2-4 September 2020). However, the stream conveners have full flexibility to organize the online seminars at a time/date that suits all participants.

To submit your abstract, use the form below (also accessible through this link:

We look forward to seeing many of you online!

The ESPAnet board

Descriptions of the streams are available here:

Stream Descriptions

Towards the establishment of eco-social welfare systems in Europe? Denis Bouget Philippe Pochet Until recently, social welfare systems in Europe were disconnected from ecological concerns and policies. Objectives, instruments and actors in each of these two fields were largely different and disconnected. Today, we are experiencing a historic moment of synthesis: environmental policies are becoming …