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ESPAnet was established in 2002 to facilitate exchange and co-operation among social policy analysts in Europe and to provide a forum and network of communication for the development of European social policy analysis as a field of research and teaching.

It has the following specific objectives: 

  • Advancement of knowledge in the field of the analysis of European social policies
  • Stimulating the entry of young researchers into the field and enhancing the development of their knowledge, skills and experience
  • Promotion of a comparative approach to the analysis of social policy in Europe
  • Promotion of an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of social policy

Towards these ends, ESPAnet seeks to develop contacts between social policy analysts throughout Europe and thus to act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and debates on social policy at a European level. It encourages the international dissemination and exchange of information on significant developments relevant to European social policy and facilitates and promotes international research in this field.