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Call for Pitch Your Book Session (ESPAnet Vienna)

Dear colleagues, During the ESPAnet2022 VIENNA CONFERENCE (14-16 September 2022), we would like to offer participants additional opportunities to present their work. During the Pitch your Book sessions, it will be possible to present a book that is published in 2021 or 2022, or a book that will be published later in 2022.  Each pitch will be allocated 10-15 minutes in a series of pitch sessions that will …

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4th Social Policy Research Conference – ESPAnet Austria ‐ April 8-9 2021 – CALL FOR PAPERS

4th Social Policy Research Conference, Version 4.1 ESPAnet Austria ‐ CALL FOR PAPERS 08‐09 April 2021, University of Graz We would like to invite you to the upcoming Research Conference of ESPAnet Austria ‐ the network of social policy researchers in Austria. Although social policy issues feature strongly in the public discourse, scientific exchange based on research and …

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