Virtual ESPAnet Workshop 2024 – Comparative and European Welfare State Research

Dear all,

We are delighted to announce the full programme for the 2024 edition of the Virtual ESPAnet Workshop. 

We received a significant number of high-quality paper proposals, and we tried to put together a varied and balanced programme with regard to topics and gender. We are excited to have such an excellent line-up of presenters and discussants. 

We are launching this year’s workshop with a book session on “How the Radical Right Has Changed Capitalism and Welfare in Europe and the USA” (OUP). This event will take place on February 29 at 4pm (CET), following which we will continue with our usual format of paper presentations on a monthly basis.

The paper and the Zoom link for each upcoming event are distributed one week in advance via this mailing list. Please get in touch to join the mailing list.

Best wishes,

Sonja Avlijaš (University of Belgrade,

Cecilia Bruzelius (University of Copenhagen,

Philip Rathgeb (University of Edinburgh,

Virtual ESPAnet Workshop 2024

February 29, 4pm (CET) Book Session: How the Radical Right Has Changed Capitalism and Welfare in Europe and the USA

Philip Rathgeb (University of Edinburgh)

Discussants: Juliana Chueri (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) & Paulus Wagner (EUI)

March 21, 4pm (CET) Red Redemption? The Political Economy of the SPD’s rebalancing through the Crises and the different politics of fiscal and wage policy in the 2010s

Gabriele Beretta (Scuola Normale Superiore)

Discussant: Paul Marx (University of Bonn)

April 25, 4pm (CET) The Impact of Reproduction Policy on Attitudes towards Abortion & Gender Equality Across Post-industrial Countries

Rohan Khan (WZB)

Discussant: Tamara Kay (University of Notre Dame)

May 30, 4pm (CET) The effect of polarization on perceptions of welfare deservingness

Gal Bitton (Tel Aviv University) and Clareta Treger (University of Toronto)

Discussant: Margarita Gelepithis (University of Cambridge)

June 13, 4pm (CET) ‘Puzzling’ over ‘Powering’? Explaining In-Work Benefit Reforms in France and the United Kingdom, 1990s–2020s

Ewan Robertson (University of Edinburgh)

Discussant: Margarita Leon (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

October 31, 4pm (CET) Gender-blind Social Welfare? Assessing Gendered Childcare and Family Policies and Effects in East Asia

Xiao Sun (University of Florida)

Discussant: Jaemin Shim (Hong Kong Baptist University)

November 28, 4pm (CET) Big dilemmas, little time: Individual attitudes on inter-generational climate justice

Manuele Citi (Copenhagen Business School) & Zhen Im (Copenhagen Business School)

Discussant: Pieter Vanhuysse (Southern University of Denmark) tbc