The JESP/ESPAnet Doctoral Researcher Prize 2015 winner

Tom Chevalier is the 2015 prize winner for his paper  “Varieties of Youth Welfare Citizenship: Towards a Two-Dimension Typology”.

The ESPAnet board and the editorial board of the Journal of European Social Policy are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2014/15 JESP/ESPAnet Doctoral Researcher Prize is Tom Chevalier[i] (Centre d’Etudes Européennes, Sciences Po) for his paper “Varieties of Youth Welfare Citizenship: Towards a Two-Dimension Typology”. The paper will be published in issue 26(1) of the Journal of European Social Policy.

Tom’s paper explores cross-national difference within Western Europe in the social, educational and labour market policy support for young people, positioning countries on two theoretically-derived dimensions of variation to develop an original empirical typology. The judges praised the paper’s analytically innovative contribution to the comparative social policy literature, and highlighted the promising new avenues that it opened for future research.

In accepting his award, Tom said:

“When I started my PhD on the topic of young people and European welfare states, I was aware neither of the scientific debates at the international level nor of the theoretical and empirical issues my argument would raise. Yet, thanks to the support of my supervisor, as well as the larger community of academics working on the welfare state, I received great advice and feedback, which helped me to considerably improve my thesis in general, and this paper in particular. That is why I feel both honoured to receive the JESP/ESPAnet doctoral researcher prize and extremely grateful to all those who have given me such amazing feedback. Not only does the prize result in a publication in a well-known peer-reviewed journal, but it also symbolizes for me the dialogue with the larger international community of scholars working on the welfare state, especially represented within ESPAnet. Therefore, I strongly recommend other PhD students submit their papers to the JESP/ESPAnet prize! Thank you!”

[i] Link to Tom’s page on CEE website

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