Postdoc on parenting leaves, at SOFI – Stockholm University

The Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) is hiring a postdoc focus on parenting leaves. The postdoctoral research will be part of a work package on career interruptions in relation to childbearing. Research has shown that parenting leave policies can contribute to both working-life exclusion and inclusion, and that the degree to which they do so can vary depending on gender, social class and migration background. The postdoctoral researcher will work independently as well as with senior colleagues to disentangle the mechanisms at play here. Of interest are inter alia the interplay between parenting leave policies and policies designed for other working-life transitions, for instance if earlier school-to-work programmes shape child-related career interruptions or how these interruptions relate to later retirement and pensions.

The Postdoctoral researcher will work on population register data for the Nordic countries (excl. Iceland) to study policy synergies and interrelationships in a most-similar-case country comparison.

Sustainable synergies

The postdoctoral position is part of the research programme “Sustainable synergies” ( The aim of the programme is to study how social policy and the welfare state can be developed to support a sustainable working life for everyone, based on both internationally comparative research and in-depth analyses of Sweden and the Nordic countries. In focus are the transitions that individuals make during their working life (for instance between work and parenting leave, or between studies and work), and the programme examines how the interplay between different social policies can support successful transitions for different groups in the labour market.

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