PhD position at SOFI / Stockholm University Sociology department ––– On career interruptions due to further education and training

The Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) and the department of sociology at Stockholm University have an PhD position relevant for students interested in social policy research. The PhD position is part of the research programme “Sustainable synergies”. The aim of the programme is to study how the welfare system can be developed to support a sustainable working life for everyone, based on both internationally comparative research and in-depth analyses of Sweden. In focus are the working-life transitions individuals make during their life-course, and the programme will examine how the interplay between different social policies can support successful transitions for different groups in the labour market.

The PhD candidate’s research will be part of a work package on one particular working-life transition: career interruptions due to further education and training. Together with senior colleagues, the PhD candidate will here use quantitative research methods to work on e.g. the interrelationships between different forms of training, between training and other social policies, and how these relationships may affect participants’ subsequent working life. These issues can be examined using data from many countries or from a single country, and using individual- as well as country-level data.

More information, and the application form, are found online: